I am a scholar of modern and contemporary French culture, society, and politics, with a particular focus on ethnic and religious minorities. Having recently completed my PhD at the University of Manchester, beginning in August 2020, I will be an LSA Collegiate Fellow in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan.

My main research interests include Jewish-Muslim relations, LGBTQ Muslims, apostasy from Islam and ex-Muslims, as well as, more broadly speaking, gender, sexuality, language, and ethnic/religious minorities. Aside from my research on Jewish-Muslim relations in France, I am currently working on a number of other projects. These include the politics of apostasy from Islam, Pink Dot (an LGBT rights movement that began in 2009) in Singapore, and queer Muslims and Jews. In addition, I have published on a diverse set of topics, from seventeenth-century theatre to news discourse and contemporary stand-up comedy. I am also a translator, having most recently translated Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed’s Homosexuality, Transidentity, and Islam (Amsterdam University Press, 2019).

I am also the co-founder and coordinator of the Jewish-Muslim Research Network (JMRN). The JMRN is an interdisciplinary and international initiative bringing together researchers studying Jews, Muslims, Judaism, and Islam in any time period and region. Our network currently comprises over a hundred researchers across Europe, North America, and the Middle East.