Special Issues

Bharat, Adi S. & Ford, Joseph (Eds.). (In preparation, December 2020). Apostasy from Islam in the French-speaking World. Contemporary French Civilisation, 45(3).

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Bharat, Adi S. (Accepted). “Jews and Muslims in Contemporary French Newspaper Discourse (2000-2017),” French Cultural Studies.

Salloo, Zainab & Bharat, Adi S. (In preparation, December 2020). “Ex-Muslim narratives in France and the United Kingdom: An analysis of ‘confessional-style’ YouTube videos,” Apostasy from Islam in the French-speaking World [special issue]. Contemporary French Civilisation, 45(3).

Bharat, Adi S. (Forthcoming, 2020). “Shalom alikoum! Challenging the conflictual model of Jewish-Muslim relations in France through stand-up comedy,” Dynamic Maghribi Jewish-Muslim Interaction across the Performing Arts (1920-2020),  Liverpool University Press.

Bharat, Adi S. (2018). “Next Year in Jerusalem? La nouvelle judéophobie, Neo-Crypto-Judaism, and the Future of French Jews in Éliette Abécassis’ Alyah,” French Cultural Studies, 29(3), pp. 228-243.

Bharat, Adi S. (2017). “Reading the Racinian Kaleidoscope Through the Colour Red in Phèdre,” Neophilologus, 101(3), pp. 367-374.

Research Notes

Bharat, Adi S. (2017). “Trilling on Forster on Huysmans: A Case of Misunderstandings and Automatism,” Journal of Language, Literature and Culture, 64(2), pp. 147-149.


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Book Reviews

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