Talks and Presentations

Invited Talks

“Jews and Muslims in contemporary French newspapers,” Dynamic Maghribi Jewish-Muslim Interactions in Performative and Collaborative Works of Art Since 1920Conference. September 18, 2019. The Camargo Foundation (France).

“No laughing matter? Taste and didacticism in politically-inclined stand-up comedy in contemporary France,” Taste in France, Taste of France. Research Day. May 16, 2019. University of Manchester (UK).

“Shalom alikoum! Challenging the conflictual model of Jewish-Muslim relations in France through stand-up comedy,” Dynamic Maghribi Jewish-Muslim Interaction across the Performing Arts (1920-2020). Conference. December 6, 2018. University of Cambridge (UK).

“Queering Jewish-Muslim Relations: The Case of Two LGBTQ Muslim and Jewish Organisations in France,” British Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference 2018Conference. July 10, 2018. Durham University (UK).

Conference Papers

“Humour, Memory, and Jewish-Muslim Relations in France,” Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies Annual Conference 2019: Postcolonial Realms of Memory in the Francophone World. Conference. November 15-16, 2019. Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London (UK).

“Gender and racialization in newspaper discourse on ‘Jewish-Muslim relations’ in contemporary France (2000-2017),” Lavender Languages & Linguistics 26. Conference. May 4, 2019. University of Gothenburg (Sweden).

“Between ‘Race’ and Religion: Ex-Muslims and the Politics of Apostasy in Singapore,” Disaffiliation, Dis-identification, Disavowal: (Ex-)Muslims and Public Apostasy from Islam in Francophone Culture and Politics. Conference. April 6, 2019. Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London (UK).

“Far-right French Femonationalism and Homonationalism: A Corpus-assisted Critical Discourse Analysis of Marine Le Pen Speeches from 2011-2017,” Lavender Languages & Linguistics 25. Conference. April 20, 2018. Rhode Island College (USA).

“Queer ex-Salafists: A Case Study from France,” Lavender Languages & Linguistics 24. 29 April, 2017. Conference. University of Nottingham (UK).

“The French Extreme Right’s Discursive Forays into Feminism and LGBT-advocacy,” International Gender and Language Association 9. Conference. May 19-21, 2016. City University of Hong Kong.

“Translating or Traducing Images: The Case of Charlie Hebdo,” Translation Theory Today. May 5, 2016. Conference. The Graduate Center, City University of New York (USA).

“The Front National’s “Islam”: The Discursive Construction of “Islamicized” Homophobia and Misogyny in France,” Lavender Languages & Linguistics 23. Conference. February 13, 2016. American University (USA).

“Disrupting The Racial Politics of Radicalization and Terror(ism) through Huysmans’ A rebours,” Reading Terror: Representations and Resistance. Conference. November 30, 2015. The Graduate Center, City University of New York (USA).

Le coran et la chair and L’armée du salut: Transgression towards a diversification of mainstream Islam through literature,” Lavender Languages & Linguistics 22. Conference. February 13, 2015. American University (USA).