November 5, 2020. Adi Saleem Bharat speaks with Bryan Cheyette, Yulia Egorova, and Jonathan Glasser on the analytical utility and validity of the category of Jewish-Muslim relations. In particular, Bryan Cheyette reflects on how Jews and Muslims are bifurcated into “good” and “bad” versions which play off each other in the form of racialized tolerance in British culture. Yulia Egorova examines the concept of Jewish-Muslim relations in relation to her fieldwork with Jewish-Muslim interfaith dialogue initiatives in the UK. Finally, Jonathan Glasser makes a tentative case for retaining the category of Jewish-Muslim relations, despite its potential pitfalls.
July 30, 2020. JMRN coordinator Adi Saleem Bharat speaks with cultural anthropologist Robert Phillips about his new book Virtual Activism: Sexuality, the Internet, and a Social Movement in Singapore, a detailed, yet accessible, ethnographic case study that looks at the changes in LGBT activism in Singapore in the period 1993-2019.